Community Outreach

During 2020, we focused on warmth. Our outreach included providing prayer and meal support to the Lawrence County Health Department and providing supplies to help the homeless population of Springfield. We also added an OACAC People's Pantry on our property and began planning for a Free Little Library. 

The OACAC Pantry has been widely used. Ray and Marsha Crotts and Dan and Ginger Ellsworth have been instrumental in keeping the pantry stocked, whether or not we are worshipping in person in the building. We stock a variety of dried and canned goods, with macaroni & cheese, Vienna sausages, and spaghetti begin popular items. 

In January, we have the opportunity to help stock the pantry with a popular hygiene product -- powdered laundry detergent. We have two things that need to happen to provide bags of laundry detergent in the pantry - 1) donation of detergent and quart size resealable bags, and 2) bagging of detergent. As part of our kids ministries for January, we are asking kids to sign up to bag the detergent as a service project. If you would like to help people using our pantry supplied with laundry detergent,  please fill out the form below. We will match you with a family who is willing to bag the detergent, and ask that you deliver it to them by Tuesday, January 26.

Laundry Detergent Donation
I can purchase and deliver to a family for bagging by January 26, 2021

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