• Rev Kim Polchow

January 19, 2020: Amnesty Sunday

We’re going to do something we haven’t done for a couple of years — this Sunday is Amnesty Sunday!

What’s different about an Amnesty Sunday?

On Amnesty Sunday, anyone and everyone can come to church without hearing “Oh I’ve missed you!” Or “Where have you been?” All those things said individually and privately seem okay (and they’re usually said with the best intentions), but if you’ve missed church for a few months and 10 people say it to you — believe me, it doesn’t feel as friendly as it is meant.

So if you haven’t been to church in awhile, we’ve cleared the way for your return.

If you have, we’re gonna challenge you to abstain (or is it “fast?” We’ll answer that Sunday) from telling people you’ve missed seeing them. We’ll encourage a $7* donation every time we catch someone greeting someone with “where have you been” kinds of words. The “fines” we collect will go to buy hand warmers and gloves for the local ministry, Connecting Grounds, to hand out to people without homes on the nights when it’s cold but the cold weather shelters are closed.

And if you already have your $7 in hand for Connecting Grounds, feel free to say “where’ve you been” to someone you saw in the last few weeks in worship.

Rev Kim

*7 is considered a perfect number in Ancient Judaism.

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