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  • Josey McChesney

Heavenly Stress Relief

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Matthew 6:25-34


This week, I realized things about myself that are life-changing. It is nothing close to a deadly disease or bad news from relatives, but it is important and it does affect me in a major way. I figured out that what I thought I was going to do with my life is something I will not be able to do.

Ever since I was a little girl (a.k.a. a few years ago), I always wanted to be a teacher, just like my parents. Even better, a science teacher because it was none-traditional meaning I would have more opportunities. I would take college classes in high school, get out of school sooner, and start inspiring the next generation by my 21st birthday. I know, for being a kid I seemed to have everything figured out. That’s until a few key events this past year turned that fool-proof plan upside down.

First was a pretty simple revelation, really. After a year in high school, I decided that teaching just was not for me. I was never considering elementary to begin with because unless the child is related to me, I don’t know what to do with children under ten years old. Middle school was not an option either because those kids don’t know how to behave. So it was high school or university. Now high school was out because you could not pay me to go back to high school and I am only a sophomore. And finally, by the time I get the degree that qualifies me to be a postsecondary teacher, I could make so much more having a different job. Now teaching was out altogether. (Welcome to how my brain works!)

The second event occurred last summer when my family went on our usual annual trip, this one being driving around Lake Michigan. On our way back, we stopped by my aunt’s pharmaceutical testing company. They showed us what they did, how the company operated, and explained the basic science around their work (my dad’s family are all science junkies). Most of the science was putting substances in a machine and waiting for the results. I don’t know about you but I could NOT do that day in and day out. If you think about it, aren't all scientific careers like that? Waiting for a machine to do the work so you could write down the results. Now science AND teaching were out.

I have put this all together in the last week: I wouldn’t be able to handle teaching and science is too boring for my fast-paced style of life. After a lifetime (16 years) of knowing exactly what my life was going to look like, I have thrown my plans out the window because that is simply not what I want to do. But more importantly that is not what I feel is right for me.

In the reading, Jesus is talking to his apostles about anxiety. How God takes care of the birds and the grass while they are of this earth, so we should not worry because we are not of this earth. This is a hard idea to hold on to as humans. We are constantly looking for problems, how to fix them, how to get rid of them. We are all worried about something whether it be the championship game, the bake sale you were told about last week but forgot until the morning of, or the test that could change your life as you know it. All the events in our life cause us stress in some small or large way, it’s how we, as humans, react.

Like everything, the way you handle these situations is important. Thanks to our great and almighty Creator, you can give these troubles to God. God will take care of you and the situation you are battling with. It might not be the way you envisioned or the easy way, but it will be God's way, God's plan. Even if you can’t see the good from the situation, I promise, it’s there. No matter what is happening in your life, you don’t need to dwell on your worries. You don’t need to raise your anxiety levels. God is there for you, clothing you, feeding you, giving you a purpose.

This week I have taken every career quiz that’s on the first page of google search. I have stressed and researched and prayed for direction. What I realized as I opened my Bible this morning for my devotion and read Matthew 6:25-34, is that what I do for a living, major in in college, or even do tomorrow doesn’t matter. All that I need to know is that God is there for me, God is leading me in the direction I need to go to bring glory to the kingdom. God will worry about my future for me and guide me down the straight path if I am willing to follow Jesus’ light and be a mirror (John 12:36). That’s good enough for me.

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