Member Profiles

Hear from members about why Bois D'Arc UMC is their church

Gregg Johnson

Communications Director

I have been blessed to have been a part of Bois D’Arc UMC for the majority of my life. I appreciate that we have a long and colorful history of not limiting God. By that, I mean, we don’t put qualifiers on God’s love or who is worthy of it. We recognize and celebrate the concepts of discussion, questioning, even doubt in our faith journeys.


The Church is designed to be the body of Christ here on Earth, we have all always heard that, but in Bois D’Arc that phrase manifests itself through love in motion. Motion involving backpack programs, staffing homeless shelters, donations to food pantries and most importantly loving our neighbors (and not limiting who is our neighbor).


I currently drive out to Bois D’Arc from Springfield to be a part of worship service that speaks to me, challenges me, makes me thinks, and many times makes me uncomfortable. Please join us in worship as we all work on figuring out the enormity of God’s love and his commands to us.

Ginger & Dan Ellsworth

Liturgist & Trustee

Dan and I first came to Bois D’Arc United Methodist in response to a newsletter from the church. Dan remarked that Bois D’Arc United Methodist was “that pretty little rock church on the way to Ash Grove.” Bois D’Arc United Methodist became our church because of the open, friendly welcomes and smiles.  We immediately felt we had come “home.”


Bois D’Arc United Methodist remains our church because of the love and caring of the congregation.  We are a church that just loves you into the family. We care about the community, each and every person who attends and we care about service. There are so many ways to serve at Bois D’Arc United Methodist.

Bois D’Arc United Methodist truly is all about open minds, open hearts, open doors.  We welcome visitors and promise we’ll just love you into the family.

Hazel Taylor

UMW Treasurer

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